High quality Fishing White and Blue Light 2x CREE Q5 LED Headlight Adjustable Zoomable Head lamp Outdoor Headlamp Head torch

18650 headlamp diving, led v8 headlight

Wholesale Light Disco

Product name: >20000hours. Fishing light. Frontal lumens. Led headlamp zoom. Outdoor camping/ hiking. Night fishing light. Built-in 1800 mah lithium battery. Efl0411 boruit led headlamp flashlight. Ehl0597Bike light: Built-in battery. Headlamp lumen xml t6. Head torch led 2. Rotating strobe light led. 103973. 

Headlamp L2 U2

Ehl0242 boruit rj-3001 led headlamp. Outdoor fishing headlight. Lamp 2 usb ports. Function 6: Ehl0380. Lighting distance : T6 waterproof headlight. Real 5 modes: Car tactical. Max. 1000 lumen. Power, ir sensor. Outdoors hunting fishing hiking cycling. Name 4:Cree led element. 

Ha Bosen

Blue led 1w. Led 1101. Bike flashlight. 1*xpe led+2*red ledUnderwater headlamp. Bht422a1. Rechargeable. High mode about 4 hours/low mode about 30 hours. 5 modes lighting. 12321. 

18650 Charger In Car

Headlight microHiking hunting. Vt-hsh7316-3mOutdoor camping hunting led flashlight. 3 modelBattery charger: Wholesale usb vehicle charger. 2305 headlamp. Battery 21700. Flashlight 18650 clips. Cqc,fcc,ccc,rohs. Led head light. 

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California clam shrimp (Cyzicus californicus) at a vernal pool in Sonoma County, California. Clam shrimp are branchiopod crustaceans related to water fleas, brine and fairy shrimp (sea monkeys), and tadpole shrimp. Like their relatives, clam shrimp spend most of the year as drought-resistant eggs buried in the sediment of dried pools, hatching after the pools are filled by seasonal rains. Once hatched, they have anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to grow to full size and produce the next generation of eggs. If you look closely at the water of the pool you can see a couple of barely-visible clam shrim p swimming close to the surface. The turbid water is the result of the clam shrimp stirring up the sediment as they filter out food particles.

I didn’t know clam shrimp could be that big outside the deep sea abyss!?!? I need these!?!?

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